Victor Lundy's Space Flowers

In 1964, the restlessly creative Lundy designed a series of temporary, inflatable snack bars for the New York World's Fair. Call them what you want- “space flowers,” “bubble pavilions,” or “hot air balloons”- the small, floating structures garnered universal acclaim and became symbols of the fair's Space Age spirit.

Leed The Way

The clean lines, jalousies, and mixes of natural, native materials with concrete and steel produced an aesthetic that uniquely anticipated the landscape.

Syd Solomon

Kurt Vonnegut is quoted saying “ “Your letter, which will join my papers accumulating at Indiana University, is proof which would otherwise be missing of how valuable Syd’s silver tongue [and] now AWOL mind were to me long ago. I committed plagiarism on a grand scale! BLUEBEARD had everything but originality.” 

Parker Residence #2 - Alfred Browning Parker

“This Florida house aims at the highest goal to which architecture may aspire: organic architecture. Along this new but ancient way a home where the enlightened mind can flower, where people can develop their fullest potentials, is still a possibility. “ Frank Lloyd Wright 1954